The Remote Control Is What, With The Idea To Manipulate Everything Has Emerged

Perhaps everyone has been concerned about the most recent news, which is to control everything with ideas. Had to say that technology changed the life of American men Bill Cocheval, the 56-year-old man after years of paralysis, finally able to eat independently, but not its paralysis has recovered, but scientists have studied a brain implant technology, through the idea of the control of mechanical behavior.

American media said that in order to Bill Cocheval can eat independently, the scientists in his brain implanted the corresponding chips, and the sensors can send a signal to his arm, thereby driving the corresponding action.

In order to be skilled in using robotic arms, Bill can drink coffee with a straw after multiple exercises with virtual reality technology, and can eat mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese with a fork.

This is remarkable for scientists, because the spinal cord in the paralyzed person is impaired, and signals from the brain cannot be transmitted to the muscles, and they have solved the problem through hyper-integrated chips.

The results of such research are very inverse day ah, there are wood ... The breakthrough of this technology provides a good way to guide our progress in science and technology, and I believe that the future will be able to achieve a variety of remote control. Assuming that our minds can be converted to signal outputs, this signal can be communicated to all kinds of furniture.