Remote Control Decides The Trend Of The Plot, At Home Who Is The Overlord Of The Remote Control

Recently hit God drama successively debut, the audience is really dizzying. See what Taiwan, choose what drama, who grasps the remote control has the absolute power. The big ending goddess wants to marry a male or a male two, I am watching this time the TV drama is finished. Now, the Broadcasting Bureau has launched a HD set-top box, holding the Chunghop remote control can be arbitrarily changed, playback, or time to turn on the TV, let you no longer worry about missed the TV drama and drama.

Often play a broadcast, we have to discuss the plot development, the role of male and female two acting, so much debate, so that many directors directly to the TV drama shoot two or three big endings, such as hot drama broadcast to the back, according to the direction of public opinion to decide which to play. Remote control directly to the decision to the audience, the audience holding the remote control, you can "control".