Intelligent Time, The Intelligent Home Tends To Develop Steadily, Better Promote The Development Of Intelligent Home Appliances

From the network of rapid communication, voice calls, video chat, and then to fast payment, transfer and so on. The intelligence of life, convenience, let more people accept. With the advancement and publicity of intelligent home appliances, the intelligent remote control in the intelligent home appliance becomes particularly important. Referring to intelligence, we must not ignore the three giants, their pay for the development of society has brought tremendous progress and opportunities. In recent years, the concept of intelligent home has been excessive speculation, but in the actual development process encountered a lot of technical difficulties. It is so chaotic. Do smart home, solve the problem is better than hype concept. In the near term, this concept seems to have cooled, and in turn more practical. The realization and development of intelligent home is entering the hearts of intelligent appliances. The popularity and application of intelligent home appliances and Internet will make the acceleration of intelligent home or intelligent age.

Since 2016, the frequency of intelligent household concept has decreased gradually. Analysis of the reason, in the previous years of enterprise development smart home More intelligent hardware as the breakthrough point, but the actual product user experience is insufficient, can not effectively solve the convenience of the family requirements, user interest weakened. But it has to be said that the smart industry is moving towards pragmatism and steady. Some sweeping machines, window-wiping robots, and nursing robots are gradually entering millions of households. Smart security and locks in Europe and other countries widely favored, the United States smart home market size will reach 180 billion yuan. By 2020, smart home will enter the era of high-speed development and market maturity.

At present, intelligent transformation becomes inevitable demand, intelligent household appliances Enterprises also collective exerting force, especially television, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other daily use and penetration rate reached 80%. Some home appliances have been able to realize remote real-time manipulation. In the future, there will be more and more enterprises and products and "intelligent" fusion, not only promote the diversification of home appliances, high-end and intelligent, but also to home appliances such as rigid demand for products as the breakthrough point to promote the rapid development of intelligent home field.