Identification Of The Good Or Bad Of The Remote Control Receiver

If the remote control of the anti-theft system is too close or the remote control does not work at all, should consider the remote receiver circuit is faulty. The common method is to determine whether the remote receiver is working properly.

① The Spectrum Analyzer receiver antenna close to the receiver, to the anti-theft system (or remote receiver) power, in the 200~400MHz band should be observed wavy (adjustable) or inverted gas (tone-type) spectrum waveform. If there is no response on the screen of the spectrometer, the receiver circuit is faulty.

② using the remote transmitter signal, with the oscilloscope to observe the receiver output (out), the decoding circuit input should be pulse signal output. Because of the different data signal sent, the waveform is different combinations of the pulse string, such as abnormal waveform or the waveform, indicating that the remote receiver part of the fault.

Use oscilloscope to observe the remote receiver signal output, the metal point to touch the remote receiver of the antenna transmitter, the oscilloscope should be more intense response to clutter, otherwise indicate that the receiver part of the failure.

④ use the remote control to transmit signals, using the multimeter DC voltage to measure the output of the signal voltage, when pressing the remote control keys, its output voltage should change, if there is no response, the receiver circuit is faulty.