Home Remote Control Too Much Trouble How To Do? A Multi-one Learning Remote Control.

For many family users to encounter this problem, the public and electronic innovation Research, a learning universal remote control came into being, it can combine multiple remote controls, provide the unified control of the remote control in home appliances, let you get rid of the search for remote control, "silly" confused, battery power, and the old people control complex and other difficult problems, make life easier.

But many user feedback, do not know that there is such a product exists, some consumers are only through friends or other channels on the internet have seen similar remote control, the home has purchased the use of consumers very few. Today, the authors introduce this universal remote control device to see if it meets the needs of use.

Learning Remote Control e360 is a multi-functional remote control, support a variety of infrared remote control appliances equipment. Such as: television, DVD, digital STB, Network set-top box, satellite receiver, projector, electric fans, air-conditioning and so on. Three remote control pages, can be remote control over 3 units of different appliances.

You can use the simple settings, your original remote control function, learning to copy to the remote control. Three operating pages, 117 a custom learning key, compatible with all infrared remote control appliances.

Learning operation is equivalent to copying and pasting, you need a functional original remote control. If the original remote control is damaged, please buy the original remote or universal remote control.