What if the universal TV remote control fails

1. First remove the battery and battery holder.

2. Check the crystal is good or bad, the method is to use a semiconductor radio, adjusted in the wave position, the remote control near the radio antenna position, press the remote control button, the radio has a beep, the crystal is good, silent, crystal bad.

3. Check the quality of the infrared emission tube. Method: Open the camera function of the mobile phone, point the transmitter window of the remote control at the camera of the mobile phone, press the remote control button, the mobile phone can see the garden of the flash, the infrared tube is good, otherwise it is bad. 

  • A TV remote controller is a device used to remotely control machinery. Can realize the function such as changing to the channel of the television. Modern remote controls consist mainly of integrated circuit boards and buttons for generating different messages. There is a computer called "Central Processing Unit" and English called CPU. It is a computer of a TV set.

  • It is equipped with a central processor called “CPU,” which is called the CPU. It is the computer of the TV. When the CPU is manufactured, it will input various menu password information of the TV. The remote transmitter of the TV just needs to send out the corresponding password. You can achieve remote control of the TV.

  • In 1961, RCA Victor produced the first wireless remote control, and it was fully functional from the beginning, similar to the basic functions of the current TV remote control, including color, brightness, sound, channel switching and tuning functions, and also included a remote switch. Machine, the appearance is also very minimalist.