Touch screen remote control, voice-activated remote control, the key infrared remote control can be replaced

Now the economic level of the society, everyone's living conditions, the increasing literacy and fast-paced life, people for the use of household appliances and the enjoyment of mental entertainment has a higher demand. For example, heating and air-conditioning to the market, the popularity of television, the increase of channels and so on. The remote control also has the technology to break through and innovate again and again. From the previous TV air-conditioning with the keypad, to the later wired remote control, to the wireless remote control, is a leap-type development. Key functions are also ranging from several to several decades. Therefore, TV manufacturers and remote control manufacturers actively strive to develop a convenient and fast preset more TV channels and more complex operation function of remote control technology.

Now the TV remote control is in the hands, watching programs or lying in rest, do not have to get up to choose their favorite programs, or according to program content or personal preferences arbitrary adjustment. Greatly satisfying people in their spare time both rest and entertainment enjoyment.

Now the market is new touch screen remote control and voice remote control, then the two remote control can be based on the market, or to the user to bring a good experience? I give you a simple analysis, there is a friend regrets: now technology development so fast, I can't tell which day the television has touched the screen. Another friend said: "You silly ah!" Do you have a remote control, not to go past with a finger stamp? Of course, it's just a joke, but from a professional standpoint, 1. Touch screen remote control gives people feel more tall, but touch-screen induction switches, sometimes their own lights, there will be outside wireless signal interference (such as mobile phone signal interference, lightning interference, etc.) will lead to the phenomenon of light, due to the high sensitivity of induction, the external interference signal reception is very sensitive! 2. Cost and Price is high, the relative cost-effective is not high. 3. Durability, touch-screen remote production, remote control shell material is not strong, the screen is also extremely easy to break. If there is a child at home, the estimated every are worried. and relative power consumption is also relatively large, if there is integrated batteries, also need to recharge frequently. 4. Tactile, in humid weather, this situation is particularly serious, hand-held remote control, palm close to the remote 7 cm rectifier transformer or body close to 15 centimeters within the touch screen can cause false action. Another disadvantage of the touchscreen is that there is no response to the touch of a glove hand or a non-conductive object, because it adds more insulating media.