These methods can be used to determine the problem after the remote control

Remote control for a long time, there will be a malfunction, the general principle is: if the remote control power supply is normal, but a button is not reactive. That is only the key to the failure, when you can remove the remote control button shell, with a swab dipped in the water to clean the circuit board can be solved. If you press any one of the keys there is no response. Most are due to crystal damage or power supply decoupling capacitor shedding, recommended the following methods to detect the problem of remote control.

Method 1: Use the medium wave Radio detection remote control will the normal remote control of the transmitter window near the working radio, press any key when the radio will emit a "doodle" voice. However, one point, when the infrared transmitter inside the remote control diode breakdown or loss of infrared emission capabilities, and its internal oscillation circuits still continue to work, using the MW radio to detect the remote control will still emit "doodle" sound. This method is not high.

Method 2: Use the remote control with a red light-emitting tube with a remote control with a red light emitting tubes, it can be used to judge. When pressing the key, the red glow tube shines. Indicates that this key information has been issued. This method is not 100% accurate, when the firing tube is bad enough to have the above phenomena.

Method 3: Using the mouse to detect the remote computer now is used by the photoelectric mouse. When your computer works, move its mouse cursor to the middle of the screen. Then the mouse bottom and upward, at this time the red light from light to dark. The normal remote control launches the window to the bottom of the mouse red light, press any one key. The bottom surface of the mouse will increase the brightness. When you shake the remote control lightly, the cursor in the display screen will also shake with the remote control, indicating that the remote is working properly. This method is highly accurate, but inconvenient.