The magical magic of learning remote control

Many consumers in the purchase of Home infrared remote control, only know the purchase of the original remote control, in the original remote control to consider the universal remote control, in the universal remote control is not sure to support this brand, it is completely panic, do not know what to buy remote control. And some consumers choose the learning remote control to solve the problem.

What is the learning remote? Learning remote control refers to the name implies a learning function of the remote control. The learning function here is simply to copy the function of your original remote control, and then become the same remote as your original remote control function. A more scientific remark is, learning remote control is mainly the original remote control of the signal to make a full copy, regardless of the original remote control of what style, can be stored in the EEPROM (electro-erasable programmable read-only memory-a loss of data after power storage chips) and other memory. When launching, simply restores the waveform length recorded in the store to the original signal. This kind of learning remote control on MCU frequency requirements, RAM requirements, so the overall price will be a bit higher, the advantage of any kind of infrared remote control can be studied.