How to dock STB remote and TV remote control

Now focus on the setting of TV sets, learn this setting, you can directly use a remote control set-top boxes and televisions. This method is called learning method (suitable for the TV remote control condition), the learning method of the TV area is as follows:

1. The two remote control launches direction alignment, and maintains 1-3CM around, press and hold the remote control "set key" about 3 seconds, the LED flashes after the release;

2. Press the remote control needs to learn the keys of copying, such as: TV/AV, led by flashing light to grow;

3. Press your remote control button for one second release, such as: TV/AV, led by long light to flicker, learning success;

4. Repeat 2-3 steps to learn other keys, learn to press the "Settings" button to quit.

Finally, attach the set-top box remote control method, the general direct use automatic search method to set the set-top box. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Press and hold the set key, the LED is lit, do not loosen until the indicator lights flashing, release the key;

2. The remote control is on your set-top box, press the Set-top box "standby" key, the remote control into the set-top box automatic code search status;

3. When your TV screen appears the volume symbol, press the "Set" button, the remote control exits automatic search status;

4. Test the remote control of your set-top box, successfully set up, otherwise repeat the above steps.