How to check whether the IR transmitter is normal on the remote

The remote control is a wireless transmitter, through the infrared diode emitting light waves, optical waves through the receiver's infrared signal will receive the infrared transformation into electrical signals, the corresponding instructions to control the set-top box equipment to achieve the required operation requirements.

People's eyes can see the visible light from the length to short arranged, in turn red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple. The wavelength range of red light is 0.62~0.76 μ m; the wavelength range of violet is 0.38~0.46 μ m. The light that is shorter than the violet wavelength is called ultraviolet ray, which is called infrared ray longer than the red wavelength. Infrared remote control is the use of the wavelength of 0.76~1.5 μ-m near infrared ray to transmit the signal.

After introducing the theoretical knowledge, we are talking about today's focus----how to inspect the IR transmitter on the remote. Because the naked eye is invisible, if you want to determine whether the infrared transmitter on the remote control is normal, it requires additional equipment to assist.

The best way is to check with your mobile webcam, other cameras, digital cameras, or video cameras on your computer. Turn on the camera, put the battery remote control in the lens, by pressing the key above the remote control, if the flash indicates that the IR transmitter is normal (as pictured), if it does not react, the IR emitter is broken.