Daily use and maintenance of remote control

Remote control is now a family indispensable things, our shops also often encounter a worry to the remote control customers, the remote control damage, can not watch TV, let us the day door-to-door. So small series prepared some remote control day-to-day use and maintenance of small knowledge, so that the remote control commonly used to new.

1. When using the remote control, the remote control and remote receiver between the distance not more than 10 meters, the use of the remote control should be directed at the receiving direction of electrical appliances, the left and right deviation angle can not exceed 25 degrees.

2. The remote control and receiver can not have obstacles, such as people, objects, etc., lest hinder the normal propagation of infrared ray, so that the remote control malfunction.

3. The use of remote control should avoid strong light, including sunlight, light irradiation, otherwise will affect the use of the remote control effect.

4. Remote control can make the controlled electrical appliance in a temporary shutdown state, but some internal circuits are still working, not completely shut off electrical appliances, so when the electrical appliances should be switched off in time or unplug the power plug, can not be shut down with the remote control after the complete.

5. Long time without remote control, should be the box inside the battery out, lest the battery electrolyte leakage of the corrosion box components, remote control surface such as dust, oil can be used soft cloth dipped in soapy water wipe. The transmitter window of the remote control and the receiving window should be kept clean, lest affect normal use.