Choose the wireless remote control device you get into these misunderstandings?

One, many users in the original remote control to match the new remote control mistakenly think that the choice of a look and the original remote control is identical to the remote control can be used, in fact, if this match, most remote control is not replaced by the original remote control. When you select a wireless remote control, the same brand or four parameters (later in detail) are not important for the remote control.

Two, many users often ask: How far do you have remote control distance? In fact, remote control distance and the receiver module sensitivity has the inevitable relationship, can not alone the wireless remote control device distance. Generally speaking, the same receiver module, the greater the transmitter power, the farther distance, the same remote control, the receiver module sensitivity and the higher the anti-interference ability, the farther away. Often said the 50 meters remote or 100 meters remote control, usually refers to the remote control of the distance, is the ideal environment, no disturbance of the environment, and the premise is a supporting receiver or some have a high sensitivity receiver module.