Air Conditioner Remote FAQ Solutions

The appearance performance requirements include the following aspects:

(1) The exterior of the remote control can not be scratched, defaced, cracking, burr, mildew spots, coating peeling and structural loosening.

(2) The battery lid cannot be shed, the battery spring cannot rust.

(3) LCD can not be cracked, black spots.

(4) The hardness of the remote on the surface of the pencil is not less than 2H, there should be no obvious scratches.

(5) The character of the remote control surface, logo and finishing parts should be clear, will adhesion to 2 ~ 3 N cm 2 of Scotch tape leveling in the above parts, with a hand and the remote control of the surface of the force, and then quickly pulled the tape, character, logo and finishing parts can not fall off.

(6) The remote control surface ability 60 ℃ lukewarm water, 20[%] brine, anhydrous ethanol, edible oil, the above items drop on the remote control surface, wipe dry with a soft cloth, the remote control surface hardness and appearance should not appear abnormal, characters, signs and finishing parts should be clearly discernible.

(7) The remote control's key load life is not less than 100 000 times, respectively in the key to the left, right, front, rear side of the force after the release of 10N, the key should be completely reset, can not have Kari phenomenon.